.Claims are made on the basis of research studies undertaken by international organisations and other independent institutions. Although all products are made with natural ingredients, the final product may or may not be suitable to different body types. In event of any allergies or uncomforting reaction to the body, the Consumer is advised to immediately stop consumption of the product and consult with their respective physician and/or dietician before re-consuming the product. Stayfit Foods LLP does not accept any liability for unsolicited consumption of the product.

As Stayfit Foods uses natural ingredients for blending and roasting of the products, there may be a possibility of difference in taste ofsame products with different batch code. Stayfit Foods LLP does not accept any liability arising from reliance of consumer on the product.

It is advised that the consumer shall conduct their own research before relying on the benefits mentioned on every packet of Eliva. Although the products are manufactured in a process to retain natural nutrients, it is to be noted that the products are not to be used as alternatives to prescribed medicines. The Consumer shall consume the product at their sole understanding and discretion.